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Our Story

In 2017, Steve Barnes published the Conspiracy Theory Trivia Board Game.

In 2018, the Conspiracy Theory Expansion launched.

In 2019, Spin Doctor joined the Neddy Catalog

In 2020, Neddy Games published Conspiracy Theory Travel Edition

In 2021, Heroes & Villains

and Jokers Wild

Joined the Neddy Catelog

Meet Steve

Owner and Founder of Neddy Games

Steve is the brilliant mind that brought us the Conspiracy Theory Board Game Collection.

He is also the genius behind Jokers Wild

and Tentacles 

Steve is easily distracted by fidget spinners and such


Meet Kate

General Manager and Researcher

Kate started as an independent researcher on the Conspiracy Theory Travel Edition

She maintains the affiliate program, and the social media accounts.

Kate is a certified UFOlogist

among other strange things.


Meet Eddy


Eddy is the man that brought you Spin Doctor

He assisted on Heroes & Villains and did the art for Jokers Wild.

All Hail Game Master Eddy

Meet Christopher


Christopher brings us Space Empires and Treacherous Treasure.

Christopher Brooks Games are expected to be available 2022

Watch out for this Guy.

Meet Corey

Image from iOS.jpg

Corey has partnered with Neddy to work on Tentacles.

Tentacles is still in early development and is anticipated for 2022-23

This Game is Kraken

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