Give Me Money Or I'll Kick Your Cat (NSFW Edition)


Tired of Party Games Where Winners are Picked By Judges or Group Votes? Give Me Money introduces a new and fast-paced game play that eliminated Judges and Votes. Just has horrible threats for cold, hard cash.


Give Me Money is the adult party game of threats and payoffs. It can be played with any number of people and usually takes less than 20 minutes to play a full game.  The game includes Includes 300 Fully-Illustrated Cards, 100 tokens, and dice.  With over 20,000 different possible combinations of action and subject cards, you are sure to find something new to be offended by each and every time you play.


WARNING:  THIS GAME IS INTENDED FOR ADULTS ONLY!  It contains material that normal people find offensive and is not suitable for children, adults, or household pets.


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