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Are we living on a Flat Earth ruled by a Secret Societies of Reptilians? Is Bigfoot really a 5th dimensional advanced being? What celebrities are really vampires?

These are the things found on the internet that everyone is talking about, or they should be. Check out the 

Conspiracy Theory Trivia Board Game Collection and begin your journey into the wonderful world of Internet Conspiracy Theories.

Dive into a Classic Comic Book story of your own. 

Choose between several power sets, or customize your battle deck to become an unstoppable force.

In your journey, will you be remembered as the Hero, or as a Villain?

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Common Questions

Yes, Katie Perry and Lady Gaga both are theorized to be J.B.Ramsey. Perry is the Eyebrow evidence, Gaga is Earlobe.

Yes, Heroes & Villains is the evolution of an older game known as Originz by the same developers. Antigen games.

No, Neddy Games will not be doing any large scale events like Gen Con in 2022. We are taking time for new product development.

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