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The Conspiracy Theory Trivia Board Game Collection

Conspiracy Alien.png

We dove deep into the rabbit holes of the Internet and brought you the best Conspiracy Theories we could find.  

Bigfoot encounters, alien abductions, time travel, and so much more.

Discover a whole new world with Flat Earth, Hollow Earth, or Earth 2. Who Knew?

Conspiracy theory 1.jpg
  • 250 Conspiracy Question Cards

  • 25 Cover-up Cards

  • Board

  • 6 Player Tokens

  • Dice

  • Game Instructions...unless the Illuminati took them

Card box with cards.png
Card box with cards.png

Hundreds of questions from 5 different categories.



Have we been visited? Some believe we have. 


We present Mothman, Bigfoot, Nessie and their friends.


Micro chips, Matrix, Cloning...that stuff


Scandals and other nefarious things happen all the time


Time Travel and Doomsday predictions always a fan favorite.

CTTBG - Game Board with Card in Hand - Mid Rez 650  x 500.jpg

Take turns answering trivia questions based off Internet found Conspiracy Theories. 

Collect one of each card category, or 3 of a single category to win.

Beware the cover-Up cards. Hidden in there are tons of Men in Black and Government Hackers ready to foil your progress.

Each card has a QR code so you can follow the White Rabbit and learn more about each Theory. 

expansion pack  with cards (680 x 680).png

If you loved the Conspiracy Theory Trivia Board Game, and you want more awesome theories, check out the 2018 Black Box Expansion Pack.

125 All New Theories to Explore

Take Conspiracy Theory Travel Edition with you wherever you travel the most.

CT Travel Edition DOn't Leave Earth.png

Every Card still includes the QR codes, giving you hours worth of conversation during long travel.

The Travel Edition can be played as a stand alone game, or as an expansion to the Original Conspiracy Theory Trivia Board Game.

travel edition 1.jpg
  • 200 New Theory Questions

  • 8 Sided Game Die

  • All New Play Mechanics

Q. Do you believe all these theories?

A. Only the ones that are real

Q. Are you working for the government?

A. I'm not at liberty to disclose that information.

Q. Is Bigfoot real?

A. Of Course. But I think he answers to John...or Tang.

Q. Why does it take so long for new expansions to come out?

A. The Reptilian Overlords must approve any new topics


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