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Embrace Your Power

Choose from 6 Battle Ready Power Decks

  • Fire Control

  • Super Speed

  • Cyborg Upgrade

  • Vigilante Justice

  • Dark Magic

  • Super Strength

Want More Power?

Thousands of Deck Combinations available to make your Hero (or Villain) unstoppable.

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The Story

The Meteors have destroyed Earth as we know it. 


You and many others have begun to change, evolve, even.... developing Powers

Will you rise up and be the Hero that helps to heal the World?

Or will you further destroy it by becoming the Villain?

Claim Your Destiny


Will You control the Power, or will the Power control You?

Every Power Deck comes with a 2 sided Destiny Card.

One side gifts you a perk for choosing good.

The Other grants you a bonus for being bad

Your Classic Comic Book Battle Has Begun

Will you become a Hero, or a Villain?

Discover Your Origin

The Classic Comic Rule Book

comes complete with Character Origin Stories.

Uncover the truth behind your abilities.

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Super Strengt - Page 11 (1).jpg
Fire Control - Page 5 (1).jpg
Dark Magic - page 1 (1).jpg
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The R.A.D. Engine


Restore, Attack, Deplete

Your Deck is the source of both

Power & Health

Deplete your Deck

Deplete your Life

Learn Heroes & Villains

Battle Options



Team Battle

Super Boss



Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Modes

2-8 Players

Heroes & Villains GamePlay

Beyond the Table Top

Heroes & Villains

Mobile App

Unlock New Abilities

Master New Combinations

Practice Against A.I.

Battle Your Enemies On The Go.

What Power Will Consume You?

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