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Conspiracy theory 1.jpg

Conspiracy Theory Trivia Board Game came out in 2017.


Believe them or not, every card is from a real THEORY found on this wonderful invention called the Internet. Each card also has a QR code to learn more about that topic and why people choose to believe. 

Designed for the whole family.

Many of the fake answers are Pop Culture references. Cover-Up cards add a unique twist that gives new fans a chance to win against experienced Theorists.

CTTBG - Family Playing 750x500.jpg

The 2018 Black Box Expansion

expansion pack  with cards (680 x 680).png

Even more Internet Theories to uncover.


What's your favorite Theory?

The 2020 Travel Edition/Expansion

travel edition 1.jpg

New Theories

New play mechanics 

This can be played as a stand alone, or as an expansion to the Classic Conspiracy Theory Trivia Game.

Box Trans Back.png

In the world of Classic Comics, you are only limited by your imagination.


Play with any of the 6 Battle-Ready Power Decks, or take advantage of countless deck combinations. 

Explore multiple play modes for every experience level.

Embrace Your Power

Claim Your Destiny

What would you do if you suddenly had the Powers of your favorite Classic Comic Book Character?

Would you be the Hero, and use your abilities to better mankind?

Or would you use your gift to bring forth destruction, as a Villain?

Speed Front Reference.png
Spin doctor 2.jpg

Do you have what it takes to become the next President of the United States? 


Spin Doctor is designed to teach the basic elements of the Electoral College. Each State is represented by what its vote would count for in a real Presidential Election.


Also like a real Election, someone can stop your campaign progress by drop a scandal.

Spin Doctor is a great addition to any classroom, home-school, or family game night. Designed to be loved and understood by all ages.


Game Night Just Got Wild

Jokers Wild is inspired by the Classic Card Matching Games that we all enjoyed as children.

Overloaded with Jokers and some Wild Rules, this game will surely be a hit with the whole family.

Did we mention there is a solo player mode?

Tasty Humans.jpg

Sometimes it's hard to get together with friends and family.

Dine alone with single player mode.

Monsters everywhere are raving about Tasty Humans.

All those angry Villagers sure look delicious. 

Tasty Humans is a Puzzle game from the Monsters point of view.


Eat the Angry Villagers and organize the remains in your tum-tum, to maximize your satisfaction. 

The Beast with the fullest belly wins.

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